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Nice to meet you!

Hello! My name is Jen Pague and I’m a sound designer and composer for film and commercials specializing in the animation and motion graphics industry. I’m originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia and have been playing music since I was 7 years old. I started a band called Vita and the Woolf and we got to tour the country for a few years opening up for other bands and performing at festivals such as Firefly and SXSW. I even got the opportunity to write and record an album with the keyboard player from The Cure, Roger O’Donnell. After touring for a few years I decided to take the skills that I learned creating pop music to creating music for animation and film. I’ve gotten to work on projects for brands such as Bath and Bodyworks, Adobe, Mutual of Omaha, Google, Planned Parenthood and a bunch of other commercials along with some pretty amazing short films that have gone off to win awards at festivals such as Pictoplasma and the Brooklyn Film Festival. 


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